A vision to make kombucha, a fresh, frizzy, and fermented drink, available to everyone.

Kombucha Time was founded in 2017 by Julie Boye-Hansen. She had discovered kombucha was available everywhere in the US when she lived there during her exchange year. After returning to Denmark and no kombucha where to be found a small production for at the kitchen table was established just for the household. Shortly after Kombucha Time was founded.

Kombucha is a fizzy, fermented and refreshing drink made of tea. Lactic acid and yeast will under the process of fermentation break down the added sugar, which results in the bobbly, sweet, and sour drink, we refer to as Kombucha.

Kombucha Time produce an all-natural kombucha. The flavor is the most crucial in the Kombucha Time Production. We work after the philosophy that nothing is added after fermentation have started, because we want the whole product to be fermented and be as clean as possible.

The amazing comes from carefully selected teas, dried flowers, herbs, and spices. Our kombucha is not pasteurized, means it´s still alive and need to be stored cold.

It’ always Kombucha Time